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We have two RV SunScreen Specialist Teams to keep you covered!

Tucson, Benson, Tombstone, Casa Grande, Florence, and Phoenix areas

Fort Stockton, Kerrville, Houston, San Antonio, Austin, Dallas, and Fort Worth areas

Branson, Springfield, and Carthage areas

Fort Stockton, Kerrville, Houston, San Antonio, Austin, Dallas, and Fort Worth areas

Dallas, Fort Worth, Austin, San Antonio, Houston, Kerrville, and Fort Stockton areas

"Thank you guys for our new Sun Shades, it's really sunny here and getting warmer by the day, so thanks for stopping by and installing them, just in the nick of time."
~Pam C.

"Your shades are so stunning...! I absolutely love them! Now I can enjoy the views that are a major benefit of the full time rving lifestyle!"
~Kimberly T.

"You guys did an awesome job, thank you so much. Highly recommend!"
~Deb G.

"We came back to a wonderfully cool RV today after another day of heat ... thanks to Todd & Renee Seeley installing our new RV SunShades!! So happy!
~Michelle B.

"These sun shades are the greatest. The best investment ever."
~Debby S.

"Thank you so much...wonderful job...Todd and Renee...what a professional team."
~Fran H.

What is the warranty on my SunScreens?

We use only top quality, durable materials and stand behind our sunscreens with a lifetime warranty.

How are the SunScreens installed?

Our window SunScreens are installed using an easy snap and rivet system giving your RV a clean and elegant look. We are able to install your sunscreens with a minimum number of snaps and still maintain a smooth and virtually wrinkle-free look.

What is the weave of the material?

Our SunShades are made using a high-quality material of a 90% weave, effectively blocking 90% of the sun's harmful UV rays and lowering the temperature inside your RV up to 20 degrees at the window.

Do you offer any colors beside black?

No. We stick with the best and don't bother with the rest! Black is the best color for several reasons:
  • Black shows the least dirt
  • Black has an elegant look on any color RV
  • Our black material has a silver reflective material built into it which reflects the heat, keeping it out of your RV
  • Black is the easiest to see through, giving you an unobstructed view from the inside
How long does it take to get my SunShades?

We have everything we need to make and install your SunShades in our truck. Once we pull up to your site, you will have completed sunscreens installed on your RV within a few hours.

How well do the SunShades hold up to the weather?

The SunShades stayed on our coach through Hurricane Ike with no problem. We also had a customer who had SunShades on during a hail storm. The hail caused damage to the RV, but not to the sunscreens.

Can I travel with my SunShades on my RV?

We highly recommend removing your SunShades before traveling. If one should happen to come off during travel it could cause an accident.

How do I store my SunShades while traveling?

You should always roll - do not fold - your SunShades. Folding them will cause creases which break down the fabric and will void your warranty. We recommend storing them in a 6" or 8" PVC pipe to avoid being crushed in storage.

How do I clean my SunShades?

For dust, just wipe down with a microfiber cloth. To wash, lay screens flat on grass or concrete. Hose them off using a mild soap such as dishwashing soap. You may also use a soft-bristle brush like the one used to wash your RV.

Do you fix awnings?

No, we are not qualified to fix awnings.

What is your return policy?

Due to the custom nature of our product, all sales are final - no refunds.


Have questions that weren't answered here? Send us an e-mail at Info@RVSunScreenCo.com or give us a call at (713) 208-5569. We would be happy to answer them!

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